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Herd Sires

   Both the Angus and Red Angus home raised herd sires have to meet the same criteria as our AI sires need to. We strive for bulls that balance all the important traits in a phenotype that is acceptable. As most of you know by now all of our culls are killed and have carcass data collected. We sell them on a grid and expect them to succeed. We also raise 90% of the females in this herd so they need to follow in their mothers footsteps or exceed them. And finally, EPD 's are important selection tools however, I also enjoy looking at my cattle and need to like what I see and they need to have some customer acceptability. The bulls on this page have met that criteria and we are proud to make them available to you as well.

KDS Gaston 926

KDS Acclaim 920

# 4148008

KDS MR Carcass 104

Reg# 773601

Semen available. $20/straw


KDS Viking 802

Reg# 1233092

Semen available. $20/straw



Reg# 1430410

Reg# 1367712

R B Pride 045

Reg# 16719375
KDS Onyx 402
SJH Lefty 302


SJH Mantle 458

# 17972361
KDS Crosscurrent 423


Walking Herd Bulls

KMS Face Card 746
# 3761079

KDS Back Haul 615

KDS Koufax 801

# 19257521

Lacy Gold Bar 0251 424

KDS Grumpy 510

KDS Triple Double 544

# 18268813

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