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Border Collies



We began using Border Collies after seeing a demonstration at the Hamilton County Fair by John Holman of Dogs4ewe. That was 10 – 12 years ago and have been hooked on them ever since. Our first 3 dogs were all males. When we decided on a 4th dog we selected a female named Peg. She is a Moo/Maid cross. One of our previous dogs was a full brother and another a litter mate of Maids. Since then we have decided to raise these fine dogs as a way of supplying our own needs as well as those of our customers. You can read all about Moo and Mick at Johns website, dogs4ewe.com. Joy, a daughter of Peg and Mick, is the latest addition to our own working crew. Thanks to the puppy buyers from our first litter by Peg and Mick.  We welcome inquiries to future puppies.

Thank you to Beverly Rumsower of Kansas City for her purchase of Great Balls of Fire.

Thanks to Scott Mall of Clay Center KS for his purchase of Jet.

Thank You to Karen Armand of Las Vegas for her purchase of Ty


Thank you to dog4ewe.com for their help in selling Ty & Great Balls of Fire.



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