S Diamond Angus
S Diamond Angus
108 Road 3
Henderson, NE 68371
Phone: 402.723.4376

In Pursuit of Excellence,
Where the only Extreme we pursue is Extremely well Balanced.

S Diamond Angus is a family operated, Red and Black Angus purebred cattle herd located near Henderson, Nebraska. Through our bull sale every spring and cows for sale in the fall, we strive to meet your herds' genetic needs. With a family background in the cattle feeding business, the S Diamond Angus cattle are bred for feed efficiency, performance and carcass out of good maternal cows by top AI sires that meet our strict criteria.

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A childrens book writen by my daughter-in-law Meghan is available by emailing her at [email protected]. She will have prices and will make the shipping arrangements.
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Private Treaty Cow Sale
S Diamond Border Collies!
- Red & Black Angus Bull Sale
March 1, 2008
at the ranch
Sale Bull Data Updated Feb 22
- S Diamond Females For Sale!
Thank you to all our customers for your support!

Kendall, Meghan and Easton

Justin & Samantha, Riley & Kayde

S Diamond Angus
We try to spend as much time grazing our
cowherd on forages as possible. The Rye
is usually ready for turn out in early to
mid April as we begin our A.I. season.

Congratulations to Riley Haack on the FFA Reserve Champion Red Angus Female at the Nebraska State Fair.
Look for the Bull calf at the winter shows!!

S Diamond Angus

Would you like to buy cattle where each animal has to pay its own way? An entire herd of females that do their own work by grazing forages and raising their own calves, competing in contemporary groups that are not pre-planned.

   Fertility is still the most important economic factor according to SPA and IRM guidelines. Last fall after the drought we had a 95% breed back. This year we were done calving in a 69 day calving season. We then put all 128 females in our A.I. program and visually detected and bred 121 of them in the first 30 days. That is 95% cycling for next years calf crop in 30 days.

  Maybe you are interested in cow families and such. We have some cow families in our own herd who have topped sales with their sons and put daughters back who can produce as well or better than their mothers. They are not as well advertised as those big name players but they have earned the right to stay here.

Docility exercise, starting them young
S Diamond Angus

Carcass Information
S Diamond Angus
This bull calf represents the style and muscle
pattern we are aiming for at S Diamond.

Last year we decided to enter the South Central Cattlemen’s Steer challenge. We had competed a number of years ago against some of the better commercial cattle from our area. Now it was time to go back and compete against many quality-crossbred cattle with the improvements in our purebreds. It turned out well. Almost too well. So we are back with our 2012 crop of steers not good enough to make the bull-pen. But back to last year; we had the top individual steer.  In the pen division feedlot gain our pens of 3 finished  first 4.27 and fourth 4.09, in the carcass value division we were first and third and 4 of our 5 pens were in the top 10. And over all we finished with the top pen of 3. Overall we went 79% choice and 50% CAB weighing in at 1374 and gaining 3.79 and yielding 62.5 % and nearly a $2 per hundred premium.

A 10 year old cow had triplets unassisted Sired by Packer and born 2/3/12 2 heifers and one bull. Birthweights 52, 62, and 80

Updated February 6, 2023


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